10 Reasons To Visit Puglia

Puglia is a southern Italy lovely region, well known abroad with the name of Apulia, famous for its typical “trulloes” and involving “pizzica dance“.
People coming for first time in Italy from abroad usually look on the web for the most famous italian tourist destinations, like Rome and Florence…but there at least 20 valid reasons to consider Puglia as a complementary extension for a vacation or as first choise for a second italian journey.
The peculiarity of this amazing area is enclosed in the expression “all in one“, meaning the variety of attractions everybody can enjoy traveling the region (that’s why is also nicknamed “the new Tuscany“).

(Taken by YouTube)

Now that you know my point of view, it’s time to share the reasons why I believe so…

1- It’s my Region, I’m a native of Puglia. That means I know and experience what I say from a long time….

2- The region offers great food and wine, astonishing coastline sceneries as well as crystalline sea close to white sandy beaches, in addition to a rich historical heritage perceptible through the many monuments and nobiliar palaces.
3- The warmth of locals, their sense of hospitality that will let you feel one of them. Plenty of smiles!
4- Gargano, Murgia, Itria Valley and Salento are gorgeous cultural districts which are even worth visiting.
5- Lifestyle: this unspoiled region preserves a now unobtainable rhythm of life, so calm that you can feel the pleasure of silence and meet your lost inner freedom.
6- Mediterranean Diet: tasty as few others in Italy, apulian cookery gives you the happiness of delicious meals based on regional recipes…taking care of your physical wellness.
7- Trulloes: these unique buildings, with thick limestone walls and conical roofs, made Alberobello a UNESCO World Heritage Site. To be visited!
8- Food and Wine Tastings: Apulia is the home of rare DOC wines, fine olive oil, the renowned Altamura bread, savory green cheese, delightful seafood, etc.
9- Truffles: not so many know that Puglia has its own white and black truffles, available from january until august. Amazing truffle hunting with  loyal dogs are an experience we warmly suggest to lived.
10- Weather: the climate is really a mediterranean one, with sunny days starting in march and ending in late october, that means you can choose your preferred period to come here!
There is my small list of reasons you could find to enyoj Puglia holidays, but I know there are tens of  good reasons more.
Hoping to read your comments, a presto


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