10 Places To Discover Puglia

“Caput Mundi” was the appellation given to Rome in the past, due to its role in world history and culture.
Italy is daily visited by thousands of foreigners for vacations or business, mostly attracted by its richness in art and culture, but first of all for its lovely landscapes and villages as well as the tasty food.
Once visited Rome or having been in Tuscany or in the Amalfi Coast, the desire to come in Italy won’t disappear….and new destinations to be found.

(Taken by YouTube. Music: L’Immenso, by Negramaro)

If you are just thinking where to go next time living for Italy, remember to read again these following 10 suggestions:
1- I live in Puglia. That means I know what I say….and have personally seen everything mentioned.
2- Salento, characterized by wonderful sandy beaches and the transparent Ionian and Adriatic Sea.
3- Itria Valley, famous for the uniques trulli buildings present in Alberobello, Locorotondo, Ostuni, Cisternino and Martina Franca.
4- Gargano, with its sea-water pools, the lush Umbra Forest and Manfredonia’s Archaeological District.
5- Bari, city of Saint Nicholaus. The city is the regional capital and economic hub.
6- Lecce, the capital of Baroque also known as “Florence of South” and appreciated for its crafts shops.
7- Brindisi, with its ancient Roman port and Knights Templar historical evidences.
8- Trani, with its Cathedral overlooking the Ocean and close to Castel del Monte‘s octagonal Castle.
9- Gallipoli, located on a small island and rich of Churches and good restaurants.
10- Santa Maria di Leuca, the southernmost point of the Apulia, where “the land ends” and 2 seas meet.
On next article I will tell you about where to stay, better lodging solutions you might choose for your Puglia holidays.
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